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Global Presence

We understand the importance of having an on the ground presence for our clients at all times.



Brian Nolan – Managing Director 


Europe, Middle East & Africa

Emmet Nolan – Managing Director 



Stephen Brown – Project Manager

Gary Sherlock – Project Manager



Eoin Hayes – Project Manager

Brian Rodgers – Architect/Interior Designer

Project Based Firm

Request It Ltd is strategically located in the Guangdong Provenience. We have specialist-manufacturing partners in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhongshan. This area has become renowned for producing high quality. 


Our full time on the ground presence allows us to constantly be at our factories throughout manufacturing. This is a major advantage ensuring we have full manufacturing control at all times. 


This enables our team to execute on all types of projects ensuring we provide the highest quality products at outstanding value. We have a hand’s on approach to dealing with all of our suppliers. 

Award Wining Company Founded by Irish Brothers

Brian Nolan



Brian moved to China in early 2012 after completing a university degree in Law & French. Haven lived with a family in rural China for the first year with little or no Mandarin he had no choice but to learn the language. He became a fluent mandarin speaker over time. This has become a necessity for Request It Ltd today.  Brian is well settled in China and is married with two kids.  


Brian’s knowledge and geographical understanding of how to buy the best product at the best price is exceptional. He has spent several years travelling from factory to factory, building strong relationships with expert suppliers.


Product Knowledge is everything to Brian. Understanding the materials of every product and how them materials will perform in different environments. He can deal directly with all engineers/designers as most of them only speak Mandarin. This has enabled him to become a technical expert across many product ranges. 


Brian constantly has existing and new clients visit him in China for their projects. They will visit our manufacturing facilities and discuss all specifications to the last detail. This speeds up projects significantly and builds strong trusting relationships with clients.

Emmet Nolan



Emmet studied Construction and Technical Graphics in University. During the summer of second year he founded Request It with Brian and never went back to college due to its early success. Emmet has since worked with Ireland’s best colleges on feasibility studies of Request It and has featured in Ireland’s 30 under 30-business people. 


Emmet’s primary role is sales and business development. He begun business sales in Ireland and has since built client relationships all over the world. He understands the importance of meeting with clients in person to discuss their projects. This ensures we understand the client’s needs and enables us to deliver on their expectations. He lives a very flexible life and travels a lot to meet clients. He is currently based in Dubai due to the high volume of on going projects in that region. 


Regular visits to China are a must to constantly improve product knowledge and keep up to date with the latest products and trends. Emmet also attended boarding school in China as a teenager so has an in-depth understanding of the landscape.